4 Audits to Show the True Performance of Your Website


In the world of eCommerce, website development is imperative to getting ahead of your competitors. Letting an experienced team cut open and inspect the vitals of your website can lead to finding hidden issues you may not have known were holding back your visibility on Google. The result of a web audit is that the issues affecting your search traffic are detected and steps can be taken to improve your visibility when people search for your products.

However, there is no single website audit that covers all the bases, and each one targets a different area of website performance. Here are the audits that will reveal the true gainfulness of your eCommerce store.


Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is like a health checkup at the doctor’s – checking all aspects of the website’s performance from a search engine’s perspective. This includes an investigation of all content, both on-page and metadata, to see if any part of it is harming search visibility. It also involves establishing potential soft and hard penalties and formulating plans to mitigate them. Finally, an audit provides you with a full breakdown of issues regarding indexing, canonical, page speed and more.

At Brave, we conduct thorough technical SEO audits that will recommend a plan to turn around and maximise your website’s search visibility. We identify key issues and challenges and offer strategies to address them.


PPC Audit

When set up well, Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) can boost your traffic and conversions faster than SEO, as long as a budget remains in place. However, the impact depends on how it is run, and a PPC campaign audit highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your PPC management.

Brave’s PPC audit focuses on the optimum bidding strategy to ascertain the maximum return on ad spend (ROAS). We assess the performance of your adverts through all the key metrics, including targeting, conversions tracking, scheduling and audience to identify possible wins. By examining remarketing, historical and future potential, we can recommend a more detailed strategy and budget allocation to help you find success in PPC management.


Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the practice of exploring new and better ways to control the user journey towards the checkout faster. A CRO audit scrutinises how your website users behave using advanced heat map analysis and identifies pain points within the user journey.

From this, suggestions are provided to remedy the engagement and conversion rate, giving you the greatest possible chance of winning a customer over through good eCommerce website design.


Backlink Audit

Backlinks are one of the biggest influences on your website’s search authority, but many don’t realise that not all backlinks are created equal. This potential blind spot can be rectified with a backlink audit, which analyses the health and spots any potential toxicity in your website’s backlink profile.

Brave’s backlink audit gives you a comprehensive guide to your backlink equity. We look at your organic competitors and measure the backlink gap between you and them, then find missed opportunities that can be transformed into wins. Finally, we make our recommendations in the form of a strategy that sets out to achieve an authoritative and trustworthy backlink profile.


Work with an eCommerce Website Development Agency

Website audits show the true potential of your eCommerce business, and if you’re interested in seeing the results of yours, contact Brave Agency. We the leading eCommerce website development agency in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area, and we conduct all the audits mentioned above and more. Better still, we can also action these plans with our dedicated development, design and marketing teams. Contact our team today and see what your brand can achieve with a quality eCommerce website development agency behind it.

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