WordPress Development

Brave specialises in developing enterprise-level WordPress sites that stand apart and define you to the fullest. WordPress powers over a quarter of the entire internet, so there’s a high chance you’ll have browsed a WordPress site, perhaps without even knowing it. That is its greatest asset - its flexibility means we can use it to construct an original, dynamic website tuned to your specifications. Backed by an enviable track record of over two decades in the business - we’ve been there since the very beginning - and our ingrained understanding of the platform means you have access to unmatched expertise in creating high-calibre digital experiences that drive sales.

Our Approach to WordPress Development

At Brave, we work with ambitious businesses and believe that websites should not be just an end-point for customers but an inspiring showcase of your brand. How do we do that? Our development, design and marketing departments collaborate with you to find the most effective solution to achieve your goals. Additionally, at every step of the process, we consider how to optimise the site to reach the exact clientele you desire, so that you come out of the gates with a site that increases traffic and conversions. The final product will be a future-proofed and mobile-optimised site that makes the most out of WordPress’ strong capabilities.

Discover the Brave Advantage. Here are the key benefits you can expect from a Brave-powered WordPress build.

  • Simplicity

    WooCommerce has forged a seamless connection with WordPress, making using the plug-in as easy as a new WordPress feature. Our development team puts ease of use for you, the client, at the heart of our builds, ensuring that you have the freedom to use the site as well as if you built it yourself.

  • Flexibility

    WordPress is a veritable chameleon. Its open-source platform allows our development team to cater your website to your exact preferences with unmatched flexibility. Whether you need a boutique storefront or a sprawling digital marketplace, we can bend WordPress to our whim to reflect the distinct character of your brand.

  • Scalability

    As a business, you’ll want to consistently be reaching new heights and a website to match that ambition. With every build, we factor in the maximum potential for scalability and make sure your website can accommodate larger product catalogues, product categories and a broader customer base.

  • Security

    In eCommerce, trust is currency. Thus, we utilise the full extent of WordPress’ security features to rigorously guard against potential threats. You can rest safe in the knowledge that it’s consistently monitored and taken care of.

  • Performance

    Brave’s development team ensures a lightning-fast user experience. We optimise and test through PageSpeed Insights before and after launch to sharpen load speeds, reduce bounce rates and improve conversion rates.

  • Integrations

    The flexibility of WordPress allows for seamless integrations to and from the site. Plus, adding plugins and payment gateways is swift and stress-free with Brave, ensuring you deliver an outstanding customer experience while simplifying your backend operations.


Our Process

Bringing a comprehensive WordPress site to life is a huge undertaking, but we’ve got an unrivalled pedigree at doing so. Here’s how Brave turns dreams into reality.


To gather a comprehensive understanding of your brand and website, we will hold a meeting to discuss your business, audience, industry and aspirations. From there, we can create a set of focus points that will inform the design and functionality of your website.

Our design and development teams work together to transform our findings into an invigorating new blueprint that brings new features and design elements together to enhance user experience and embody your brand’s identity.

Once the website’s architecture is mapped out, the long journey begins to build the core features and implement the front-end design. Careful attention is paid to creating intuitive navigation, fast-loading pages on both desktop and mobile that will boost conversion rate.

A website is only as good as its quality control. We ensure no details or errors go amiss prior to launch with UATs, page speed insights and functionality tests across multiple browsers and devices. Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop about the development process so you can see it for yourself.

Launch day is not the be-all and end-all for success, but it is important to make a great first impression. We will give you a full walkthrough of the site so you are completely happy with it, and come launch day, we will be on hand to monitor user metrics against our expectations.

Our development doesn’t end there. Even after the site goes live, we will continue to improve the site and fix any issues that come up. In a highly competitive eCommerce field where SERP positions are hard-fought, post-launch maintenance is vital to keep the UX at the highest quality.

Universal Integrations

With the many integration options now available for WordPress, there are a myriad of ways in which your site can have additional functionality. At Brave, we’re able to implement an assortment of integrations to craft the experience you and your customers desire. Take a look for yourself.

Results speak louder than words. See our transformative client work for yourself.

I have worked with Brave Agency on various projects over the years from website page updates to full website rebuilds and have always found the Brave team to be professional, knowledgeable, and always happy to help and support our business's digital projects. Would highly recommend Brave Agency.


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