Branding is the key to standing out and connecting deeply with your customers in a competitive marketplace. At Brave, we can craft a brand experience that announces your presence to the world, aligns with your mission and showcases your unique traits. We’re dedicated to nurturing your brand’s singular voice.

What is Branding?

Communicating your company’s values is vital to a customer’s impression of you. Branding does this by combining elements such as the company name, logo, tagline, UX, UI, sound, tone of voice, house style, colour palette, imagery and positioning into an experience that forms in a customer’s mind. An effective brand identity aims to broadcast your brand's existence, clarify its mission, and highlight its unique characteristics to the world. Quality branding should instil a positive gut feeling in your potential customers that they are buying not just a good product, but a product from a good company.

Why Is Branding Important?

Your brand shapes the perception of your business both internally and externally. In a fiercely competitive world, consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to purchasing options - and they’re evolving to look for brands whose core values align with theirs. A strong brand is essential to help you stand out above your competitors, plus having every employee within your business relate to your brand ensures a unified and consistent message across all customer interactions.


of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as them.

(Havas Group, 2019)


of consumers say they would pay more for brands they trust.

(Salsify, 2022)


Consistent presentation of a brand has been seen to increase revenue by 33%.

(Lucidpress, 2019)


Our Process

Any successful business relationship is built on trust. We’ve meticulously refined our process and used it to build multiple brands, be it from scratch or by improving on existing designs. Here’s how it works.


We like to get to know your business, from its target customers, vision and market performance to its strengths and weaknesses. From here we can create a roadmap that illustrates where we are and where we want to be.

Before going full steam ahead, we present mood boards to ensure that both of our visual interpretations of the strategy are aligned. This also helps us crystallise what does and doesn't feel right for the brand.

Taking our learnings from the discovery and mood board phases, we then begin working on the design. We ensure all of our decisions are informed by our initial learnings when creating the new brand.

Once the core design route has been decided, we then refine and develop the logo mark, colours, typography and any supporting brand elements based on your feedback.

With the branding almost complete, now comes the time to present for final approval. To help communicate our prospective new visual identity in a real-world context, we create and supply a wide range of digital and print assets.

Once the final visual identity has been approved, we then deliver all of the final files as well as a set of brand guidelines to ensure that all future materials deliver consistent and coordinated communication across all customer touchpoints.

Branding encompasses a broad range of facets. See what sets us apart.

Brand Strategy

The strategy phase is where we review your existing business, target customers, vision, strengths, weaknesses and market performance. From here we can create a road map from where we are currently to where we want to be.


Brand Positioning

When positioning your brand, we aim to define your place in the market. To do this, we analyse your customers and competitors as well as your unique offering to help you secure a distinctive place in the minds of your target audience.


Identity Design

Based on the agreed strategy and direction for the brand, we explore all of the creative routes including logo marks, colours, typography and any supporting elements that will help bring your brand to life.


Brand Collateral

Brand collateral plays a significant role in transmitting your visual identity and letting new and existing customers perceive your brand in its best light. We can provide support with any digital or print collateral that you may require.

See our branding work for yourself.

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