UX Design

You can bring as many customers to your website as you like, but only a quality user experience will lead those visitors to the checkout page. At Brave Agency, we specialise in reshaping your website’s user experience to deliver a smooth user journey that ends with satisfaction and a sale.

What is UX Design?

User experience (UX) is about creating the smoothest possible journey for every customer who visits your website. It’s about sculpting experiences that are not only meaningful but also intimately relevant to the end-user. Quality UX design uses data to keenly observe user behaviour and addresses pain points that appear when navigating through the sales journey. The result? Each and every digital interaction is transformed into a seamless and intuitive experience.

Why Is UX Design Important?

UX design plays an instrumental role in shaping a customer's perception of your brand at various stages. From initial information gathering about a product, through the process of making an informed purchase decision, to seeking post-sales support, the significance of UX design is not merely theoretical but is tangible. It’s quantifiable in key business metrics, from higher conversion rates to improved customer retention and increased sales and revenue. Then there are the less quantifiable benefits, such as a stronger brand reputation and better word-of-mouth marketing; satisfied users are more inclined to recommend your brand to others, solidifying your position in the marketplace.


of customers are willing to pay more for a great experience

(Source: Salesforce)


of eCommerce customers abandon purchases because of bad UX

(Source: Spiralytics)


of customers say the overall experience a company provides is just as important as its products and services

(Source: Salesforce)

UX Design is the sum of many intricate parts. See what sets us apart.

Website Discovery

Identifying the goals of your business and project is how we begin to identify the solution. By identifying key users and scoping out features and functionality, our design team works with our SEO team to create a top-level sitemap that helps gain clarity on the scale and structure of the final build.


User Personas & Flows

Understanding your customers allows us to guide them to the right place, no matter who they are. We do this by affirming your user demographics and psychographics through user personas. From there, we construct user flows that map out their route from the entry point to the last interaction point, making sure that each stage is as smooth and efficient as possible.



We establish the core structure of a website with a wireframe model. They ensure the page content and functionality are positioned correctly according to the user's and business needs. We present these as low-fidelity mockups consisting of boxes and text that allow us to focus on the importance of the content rather than superficial elements such as colours, images and fonts.



Prototyping is extremely effective for complex products, as it allows us to quickly review and iterate the effectiveness of a certain solution. We can scale prototypes from the entire solution down to a small part of the product to ensure it works seamlessly. We also share prototypes with you to showcase our ideas and with potential users for real-time testing.

Results speak louder than words. See our transformative client work for yourself.

After working with various agencies for two years, we switched to Brave and immediately felt that Brave understood our goals and strategies and how best to implement these. We have found the service excellent, results continue to improve and our business is growing. The Brave team is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to many more years of success and growth with Brave.


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