UI Design

Every element of a website’s design should be carefully considered like a piece of architecture, right down to the individual buttons and icons that navigate the user from page to page. With over two decades of UI design experience, we know how to create a user interface that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

What is UI Design?

User interface (UI) focuses on aligning the visual design of a digital experience with the brand’s identity and values. While user experience (UX) considers the website's overall functionality and structure, UI focuses on specific components like icons, buttons, colours, typography, animations and the layout of information. Great UI design will guide the user through the website intuitively by employing consistent visual cues and using contrast to draw their attention to key features.

Why Is UI Design Important?

A user’s every experience with your brand impacts their perception of it. Having thoughtful UI design that is intuitive for the user to navigate creates a positive experience. This, in turn, enhances their perception of your brand. Research indicates that if the UI design is aesthetically appealing, users will perceive your product as more effective. Plus, UI design serves as a strategic platform to reinforce and amplify your brand identity, making it more distinctive and memorable.


A well-designed user interface can increase the conversion rate of your website by up to 200%

(Source: Forrester Research)


of users judge a company's credibility based on its website design

(Source: Stanford University)


of users say that website design is the most important factor in determining a business' credibility

(Source: Blue Corona)

UI design encompasses a broad range of services. See what sets us apart.

Design Systems

A design system serves as the brand's language, ensuring consistency and scalability. We assemble a library of reusable components that efficiently connect for any number of applications, including typography styles, colour palettes, card styles, buttons, labels and input fields.


High-Fidelity Artwork

We develop artwork that combines the wireframe stage with the design system and pulls through the brand’s character. This culminates in an interactive prototype that allows you to click through all of the pages to get a true-to-life feel of how the final website will look across both mobile and desktop.


Often, users subconsciously remember the smaller, subtler details of a website's user interface. We design and implement single-purpose microinteractions that support the user with small pieces of visual feedback on buttons, toggles, menus, scrolling and more. These subtle additions enhance the user interface with smooth, humanising animations that reflect your brand and its products.

Animations & Transitions

Engage users and add a touch of visual flair with carefully placed website animations and page transitions. Though we believe that efficiency is at the core of quality user interface design, an animation or transition can connect different steps of the process in a way that elevates the brand in the mind of a customer. When an opportunity arises, we use ideas that help users navigate the website in an exciting way.

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