6 Captivating Ways to Shake Up Your Website Design


The world of web design is becoming more experimental than ever before. Independent web designers are breaking boundaries and delving into the avant-garde with their website creations, and there are lessons and ideas we can pull from this to bolster the boldness and functionality of eCommerce websites.

Here are six areas to consider when creating your next website design.


1. Be Creative With Your Landing Page

In every eCommerce website design, your landing page is the showcase of what your brand represents and can do. It can make or break whether a visitor is interested in what you have to offer, so you’ve got to be bold with your identity. The first step is to find that identity and weave it into the design of your landing page. For example, an eCommerce clothing store might prefer to highlight photography with images moving in interesting ways, whereas a more technologically focused brand may opt for more interactive effects. Looking at web designer portfolio sites can be a great source of inspiration for this.


2. How to Coherently Present A Lot of Content Online

One problem that brand websites run into is having too much content or items that they want to present coherently. Happily, there are ingenious ways around this: using a tile system such as high fashion brand CP Company’s site keeps the structure of the website clear and easy to navigate so users can browse much more content in a coherent space. Features such as filtering and categorisation can be a big help in this department.


3. Draw Inspiration for your UX Copy

One oft-forgotten but crucial aspect of web design is the UX copy. Every piece of text on the site is direct communication with the customer and is an opportunity to squeeze as much brand character as possible. For instance, if you’re an online football apparel store, looking for something to indicate a loading screen, rather than simply “loading” or “please wait”, you could write “warming up” or “getting ready for kickoff”. Design blog It’s Nice That explored this idea and how stand-up comedians can help with quality written communication with your audience.


4. Utilise Mobile Functionality

When looking at your website analytics, you’ll likely see that mobile is at the top of the device types browsing your site. 59.6% of web traffic comes from mobile devices according to Exploding Topics, and there’s a world of difference in the range of functionality offered by touchscreen devices which you could utilise to great effect. You should already be looking to make your website optimised separately for mobile, but playing with scrolling, multi-touch and press-and-hold capabilities and using them to inform your mobile website design will go a long way to creating a positive impression from users.


5. Don’t Neglect the Contact Page

Let’s face it – when designing a website, many breeze past the contacts page. However, there is potential on every page, and there have been some incredible things done with a contacts page. For example, Brooklyn-based creative studio Dark Igloo has transformed the contacts page on their portfolio site into a fully-fledged video game that could have come from the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast era. Users are encouraged to play through the racing game and collect coins to increase their email character limit. It’s a unique way to control the type of client they want to be in contact with, and though this is an extreme example, it shows that there is value to be had in even the simplest of website pages.


6. Work with a Web Design Agency

Working in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area, Brave Agency is a revered web design agency that offers a range of eCommerce website services. We work with a varied range of clients to enhance their eCommerce website designs to showcase their brand in the most optimal and creative way. In addition, our dedicated content team offers a high-quality content writing and marketing service that will enhance your brand’s long-term reputation. Contact our team today and see what your brand can achieve with a quality eCommerce marketing agency behind it.

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