Brand New: Moss Blends Tradition and Innovation to Redefine Its Brand Identity

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“Moss Bros” is no more. They have officially dropped “Bros” from their name after 170 years.

Rebranding is always exciting and offers the chance to target new audiences that previously might have been unknowingly excluded. Moss is making a bold move by dropping the “Bros” from its name, but the company believes that this change will make it more appealing to a wider range of customers.

Branding is not just about the colour of a logo or a name, it’s about how it resonates with your target audience.

Moss’s new head of brand and marketing Alex Maw, feels the same.

In a recent interview, she said, “It’s pretty brave to change your name, and that comes at a great expense as well”.

“We have over 100 stores that we’re gradually redesigning and changing. For us it’s not just about changing the fascia, it requires a whole plan which will span over the next few years… But for us, it felt right. We wanted to contemporise the brand and take our heritage forward to where we’re going now in the future and Moss felt right.”


Maw goes on to say:

“30% of our customers are women,” she says. “We’re looking at the female market as well and at what point can we connect with her at a time of decision-making.”


This push forward is already working.

The changes that Moss has made to its brand identity have been successful in attracting a new generation of shoppers. In the past year, the company has seen a significant increase in online sales. Moss is now one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in the UK.

This simple yet effective rebranding has also opened the doors for new, untapped opportunities they previously had not ventured into. We wouldn’t be surprised if there may be a new women’s offering (or at least marketing to) in the near future.


By blending tradition and innovation, Moss is redefining its brand identity and positioning itself for future success. The company is committed to providing customers with a unique and personalised shopping experience, and it is clear that Moss is on the right track.

In a rapidly changing eCommerce landscape, Moss is one of the few brands that manages to stay ahead of the curve.


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We have decades of experience working with brands to redefine who they are, reaching new customers while still maintaining their core essence. If you want to be the next high-growth eCommerce business, ask us how we can make that happen.

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