How To Build A Memorable Brand Personality

Jessica Kent

A brand personality refers to the particular set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. Our personalities are what make us likeable, inspiring, magnetic and memorable. The same goes for a brand. Utilising your brand personality is what sets you apart from your competitors.

While the perception people have of your brand is subjective, it doesn’t mean it should be ignored. As consumers, we often have very strong and very personal initial reactions to brands, very similarly to the way we do to certain people. If you are building your brand from scratch, then you will need to learn how to develop a brand personality that your target audience will remember.

From the reputation of your brand through to the customer buying journey, your brand’s personality impacts each corner of your business. As consumers, we have emotional reactions and connections with our purchases and this is something that needs to be considered while implementing your brand strategy. But what does that mean? What is brand personality and how can it improve your business?

A strong and memorable brand personality can be the building block for boosting brand loyalty and a loyal customer base. How? Through utilising their emotional triggers and pain points. Emotional reactions to brands have such an impact on a company’s button line that, according to Harvard Business School, 95% of purchasing decisions are based on feelings instead of logic.

So can you guarantee that your brand and marketing design ignites an emotional response from your customers? In this guide, we’ll highlight the basics of building your brand personality and what brands you can follow in the footsteps of.


Types of Brand Personalities

The set of characteristics attributed to a brand is what makes up your brand personality. It is important that, in the eyes of a customer, your branding and brand personality align. Most brand personalities can fit into five broad categories or styles. These have been coined by social psychologist Jennifer Aaker and over the years have become the industry standard.


1. Competence

A brand is competent only when its customers and users can rely on them. A competent brand is reliable, successful and intelligent. Your brand will fall into the competent category if you want to be seen as an industry leader and promote your unwavering commitment to quality. These brands can often be found in the health care, financial, and logistic industries. If your brand values confidence, loyalty, and reliability above all else then your marketing efforts and branding design should align with the competence category.


2. Ruggedness

Is your company tough, powerful and outdoorsy? Then your brand personality might be in the ruggedness category. Brands that fall into this category often make their customers feel powerful and remind them of mother nature. If your brand aims to portray strength, muscularity and authentication and can be associated with sports, construction, and the outdoor world then ruggedness is the personality category for you.


3. Sophistication

Brands in the fashion and luxury industries are often associated with the Sophistication category. Often seen as charming, refined, high-class, these brands connote the lifestyle their customer wishes to have for themselves. While it can take a long time for a brand to fall under this personality category, once they reach it they very rarely fall from that pedestal. Prime examples of brands that exude sophistication are Tiffany, Apple and Aston Martin.


4. Excitement

Does your business provide your customers with experiences that they’ll never forget? Or do you have a bold and influential network? Then your brand personality might fall under the Excitement category. An excitement brand personality will be daring, intriguing, imaginative. Often with a young and modern target audience, a brand like this will look to work with influencers, celebrity endorsements and will know exactly how to create a lot of hype around a product or service. Disney and Gymshark are pros as mastering excitement and it can be seen incorporated in their branding, messaging and digital strategies.


5. Sincerity

Brands that associate themselves with the sincerity personality trait often have a loyal customer base and are usually seen as straightforward and trustworthy. Described as wholesome, honest, warm, customers love to be associated with brands like this because they are believable and trustworthy. These companies provide a transparent experience for their customers and use facts to promote their business and what it offers. Some of the brands that occupy the sincerity space are Coca-Cola, Hallmark and Cadbury.


How to develop a memorable brand personality

While a brand will hold certain traits that will make it fit within a personality category, the approach you take to amplify it should be moulded by your unique business and products. Work with your team or with your partners and build a list of the best adjectives that describe your brand. Why do you do what you do? Why did the business start? Think about what drives your business.

Our top tips on how to develop your brand personality:


The brands that have mastered their personality


This is a brand that is all about the rebels and the rebellious attitude that is associated with freedom. This trait is further supported by the logo of the infamous eagle and biker clothing and saddlebags reminiscent of the Wild West folk. Even though they are more expensive than some of the other alternatives, they make dreams a reality, allowing customers to cruise around and explore the world’s greatest roads and highways.



It’s safe to say that Starbucks is much more than just a coffee, it’s a community. Starbucks is a very active participant in digital marketing, user-generated content and dedication to form connections with customers. Through an amusing and outgoing brand personality, the brand has become extremely accessible and relatable.



Apple has been named as the most valuable brand in the world and are absolute masters of branding and marketing. Defined as being cool, innovative and creative, this brand offers its consumers superb product performance.


Marketing Design Agency In Cambridgeshire

While establishing the right personality for your brand will help prospective customers decide on whether you are the right brand for them, it can be tough to design your assets and build a strategy to suit them. A specific, workable brand strategy is the cornerstone of any business. It impacts how you hold yourself against the competition and how you are perceived by your audience. By working with an established, experienced marketing design agency you can take all of the stress out of defining your brand and the brand guidelines.

Speak with one of our brand designers and marketing experts today to begin your branding journey today.

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