Google’s Game-Changing Announcements at Marketing Live 2023: What You Need to Know


Google’s annual marketing event returned with its biggest edition yet this year, as the industry has been through a number of shockwaves, with ChatGPT as its epicentre. AI language models have changed how content is created, audiences are researched and ads are marketed forever, and Google’s presentation was indicative of that. The company released a guidance document on how to create meaningful content using AI earlier in the year, and now they are upgrading their advertisement tools to work hand-in-hand with AI. Below is a roundup of those new features announced at Google Marketing Live 2023.


Performance Max Gets An Upgrade

Since Google launched its Performance Max campaign type last year, users have found an average of 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action. Now, you can use Performance Max to better guarantee a successful campaign.

Firstly, with Campaign Prefills, which source together suggested optimal options for your campaign when it comes to assets and daily budget, pulled from past campaign results and Google’s AI predictions.

Secondly, the enhancements to customer acquisition goals are set to help you maximise value from new and existing customers, becoming a catch-all place for acquiring, retaining and re-engaging your customer base.


A New Search Generative Experience

The Search Generative Experience (SGE), introduced just two weeks prior at Google I/O, is a new way of using Google in a similar conversational method of search as ChatGPT. Now, it will soon see ads integrated directly into the conversational chat interface. Although still in an experimental stage, this integration gives a glimpse into the future monetisation of SGE to put your ads in the most relevant spaces.


AI-Powered Assets for Search Queries

Google Search and Performance Max campaigns have seen sweeping improvements to convenience and time-saving with their ability to produce automatically created assets for a campaign. Now, in an effort to enhance relevance further, Google’s AI will soon automatically create assets based on user intent of individual search queries, rather than building assets pre-auction.


Google Product Studio

Google has cleverly reacted to the new advancements in AI image creation and manipulation with the new Product Studio. This tool will allow you to use AI to remove backgrounds, create dynamic backgrounds, enhance low-resolution images and more.

The effect is that you would be able to upload a standard product photo and then add in the background you want rather than creating it with an expensive photoshoot every time you want to change it. You can get exactly what you want by typing in your request, and Product Studio will generate four options for you to choose from.

Overall, Google Marketing Live 2023 showcased Google’s vision for the future of digital advertising: a future where AI plays a key role in driving growth and profitability for businesses. While many have been seeing AI as a bell toll for doom in the industry, Google sees the opposite side. They see it as a way to multiply the results. As these new features and innovations roll out, digital marketers and advertisers can look forward to more efficient campaign management and improved campaign performance.


Consult a Google Ads Expert Today

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