Inside LinkedIn’s New B2B Relationship Explorer

Nathan Evans
Content Executive

The best business-to-business (B2B) relationships start by building connections with the right people within the business. With the skyrocketing popularity of LinkedIn in the past few years, many businesses that reach out often use copy-pasted introductions and give the feeling that they aren’t there to help but just to sell.

But for the cunning eCommerce businessperson, there are several ways to get the relationship started on the right foot. From finding a business that is the right direction and scale to getting in contact with a representative who will pitch you in the best light, every step requires detailed insight and dedication.

LinkedIn’s new B2B Relationship Explorer will help you find the best route towards building a new relationship with another business. The Relationship Explorer includes new features such as Personas, RE hub, Product Category Intent and optimised search. It means that those who favour online B2B partnerships will have a larger, more advanced toolset to create the bedrock for a long-standing relationship. In this article, we’ll explain each new addition and what it allows you to do for your eCommerce business.



LinkedIn’s new Personas feature allows you to define the ideal audience for your business. This comes with new and specific parameters you can set to refine your search for the ideal B2B customer or representative much more efficiently, including their job title, seniority, job function and location. Additionally, the tool provides regularly updating information on the changing size and demographics of your selected persona group, so you can easily know when to shift your outreach approach. Best still, this feature is fully integrated into LinkedIn’s homepage view, search and account pages.


Relationship Explorer Hub

Knowing the right person to outreach is crucial to fostering new B2B relationships, and with LinkedIn’s new Relationship Explorer hub, you can find the secret allies within the business who likely know you already.

When browsing LinkedIn after setting your Persona, you will see suggestions for individuals within a business who is a probable follower or is aware of your eCommerce business. They are bringing you a ready-made lead right to your feed, and if you expand their profile, you will get the next-best contact suggestions so you can make another targeted outreach attempt.


Product Category Intent

The Product Category Intent feature aims to deepen the user’s understanding of a buyer’s intent. You will be able to see if they are interested in similar products to yours, so you can better target potential buyers who will be interested in your product. Plus, this capability will also be available as a filter in the search functionality.

Though all of these features will surely prove to be very beneficial, it evens the playing field and thus there is still room to get ahead of the competition with a dedicated marketing agency. These features can make you run the risk of boxing yourself into one or two industries, whereas a marketing agency can help broaden the audience pool with more advanced insight and expert knowledge.


Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

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