From Hashtags to Hootsuite: Your Guide to Essential Twitter Growth Tools

Jessica Kent

Twitter is a haven for brief thoughts. The emphasis on having its users deliver bite-sized content in under 280 characters is a revelation against its social media competitors. Therefore, the strict character limit has remained gospel to its methodology, only changing from 140 to 280 in 2017.

A bit of trivia: Twitter was founded at a time when text messages were still limited to 160 characters (yes, Generation Y’ers, that was a thing…and each text cost). The platform wanted users to be able to post from their mobile while including their username so the character limit was born!

Intriguingly, despite the increase, only 1% of users utilise the 280 limit, and only 12% of tweets extend over the 140 limit. This doesn’t offer a great deal of space to make an influential impact to gain new followers on Twitter by either an individual’s or marketers’ standards.

With social marketing being vital to a successful campaign, Twitter could be a really good place for you to tap into a potential target audience. How can you get on the bandwagon and create a Twitter account that seduces other users to become your committed followers?


1. Buffer

Speaking of drawing users in, let’s consider the obvious and only real shot you have for gaining followers on Twitter; your ability to produce snappy, engaging content. Buffer, at its most basic, provides the opportunity to automatically deliver tweets to your feed based on your original content. In addition, it provides one specific space for a whole team to collaborate and plan content for the most popular social channels.

With this tool in mind, a marketing team can implement a marketing strategy for their social media which encapsulates the brand. It is possible to prepare and schedule weeks and months worth of posts which can all be seen in calendar view, which means less time is wasted on daily uploading.


2. Tweepi

Who knew that AI would spread and influence your chance of gaining more Twitter followers? Apparently the designers of Tweepi.

On setup, you identify a list of hashtags and users that are considered on-brand and relevant to your vibe. Tweepi’s AI will scour Twitter to unearth the most appropriate tweets and users it thinks you should engage; Tweepi finetunes your strategy, which helps you to target your content at a specific audience. Only a few minutes a day with Tweepi is enough for it to take automatic actions to increase your Twitter following.

In a nutshell, Tweepi uses its AI algorithm to seek your perfect following. With remarkable intelligence, it delivers immeasurable marketing campaign knowledge with simplicity.


3. Owlead

Whilst it’s like Tweepi, Owlead takes things to a new level. The focus here is to gain new, relevant followers organically. In the background, Owlead works ‘in the dark’ to hunt the Twitter landscape for your perfect followers. Much like Google to SERPs, Owlead filters, categorises and seeks the most valuable users and brings them straight to you.

Criteria such as keywords in bio, language and demographics are taken into consideration. This Twitter tool then automatically follows up to fifty of the users that fall under a particular category it sees as your relevant audience. This is done without a single human interruption.

Furthermore, as the cherry on top, Owlead provides tracking and analytics that provide insights into your audience. Getting to know them better means you can appeal to prospective users, thus, increasing your Twitter following.


4. Crowdfire

User-friendly, straightforward and effective, Crowdfire is a necessity as far as Twitter tools go for gaining new followers. The developers have taken an ingredient from each of the above social analysis ‘recipes’, combined, and then baked up one heck of a treat; an easy-to-use app that allows you to monitor all your social platforms and events in real time. Crowdfire tracks mentions, comments and replies, and delivers them straight to your inbox. You can then siphon through the data to discover the right users to engage with.

In addition, you can schedule posts, add and manage the users within your account and, probably the most convenient aspect, respond to your comments and mentions straight from the app. Though unrestricted to just one platform, Crowdfire is a particular favourite as a Twitter analysis tool for gaining a myriad of brand-new followers.


5. Hootsuite

This particular social media management tool is competent, comprehensive and convenient; you can manage numerous profiles of a variety of social accounts simultaneously in one place. This is what really sets Hootsuite aside as a Twitter tool. Such an attribute is particularly handy for agencies or enterprises that take care of clients’ social or alternative sub-brands.

From the calendar-style dashboard, you can visualise the scheduled posts. You can also view the conversations that Hootsuite has identified to be important for understanding your target audience. How? Because Hootsuite digs up important conversations your target audience is saying about your brand.

The use of UTM codes helps to decipher the content that makes the biggest social impact and influences more traffic to visit your profile. The insightful information cultivated from this data guides you to the most effective strategy for gaining more Twitter followers.


Should You Plan a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The last decade saw Twitter become a social platform of profound influence on the marketing universe. It is a marketer’s duty to stay ahead of the times, so ensure you implement at least one of these tools to maintain a level of awareness in the evolving social domain.

If, however, you consider yourself something of a novice when it comes to social media, then it pays to have someone watch your back. We provide integrated marketing services, and helping our clients implement a strong social campaign strategy is one of our many assets. We can help you build a social presence on Twitter or any other platform you see fit. Get in touch to find out more.

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