Top 5 2023 Marketing Strategies for Beauty Brands

Jessica Kent

Even in an economic downturn where people are struggling financially, beauty has thrived again and again. In the early 2000s, when the world entered a global recession, beauty brands were still able to be the most swooned-over brands on the market. No matter what financial crisis the world might be under, it doesn’t change the universal fact that people like to look and feel good, and beauty is a sector built around that idea.

eCommerce marketing in the beauty industry has been an opportunity to grow exponentially. Brands such as Morphe, Sephora and Fenty Beauty have made great use of the many new channels of communication to reach their customers on a global scale. Here are some of the ways you can utilise digital marketing to spur customer engagement and conversions.


Build a Community Around Your Brand

In the social media age, brands are no longer just transactional places where people spend money – they are hubs for fans of the brand to congregate around a mutual interest. A perfect example of this effect is in cosmetic brand Lush, which has managed to achieve this through positive reinforcement and a sense of belonging among its customer base. Through a positive brand message of sustainability and good ethics that informs every product they create, as well as a fan club that offers exclusive benefits and insider knowledge on upcoming products, they encourage their customers to share feedback and tips on community forums. This has given Lush a rigid customer base that has stuck around for years.

If you’re able to crack the code and foster an active community, this will no doubt lead to higher engagement across social media and an increase in conversions.


The Power of PR

PR is a necessity for transmitting your eCommerce brand’s mission and values. Building a website press section and/or blog allows others to easily access information about the brand as well as its latest news and developments. Media workers can access this too, which means they have a clear outlook of the company’s story that they can pass on to their platform.


Create Quality Beauty Content

Of all the ways people can get to know your beauty brand, content marketing can be one of the most enlightening. The beauty world and video content go hand-in-hand, and every part of the content you make – from the design, the format, and the people or influencers involved – is a piece of the puzzle that makes up your brand image.

Being able to entertain your audience with video is a huge virtue, and concepts such as skincare routines ‘how-tos’ with influencers and interviews with prevalent members of the industry regularly receive tonnes of views from recurring and new customers. Over time, customers will start to associate your brand and products with the content you provide. Plus, if you’re able to create engaging beauty content that ties in with your products, this will greatly enhance your search engine marketing.


Collaborate and Accelerate

Collaborations with other brands or influencers, if done right, can be a collision that drives new customers to your brand and vice versa. For this to mutually benefit both parties, think outside the box to create an intriguing collaboration that brings out the best in each other’s values. For example, this year’s Fenty Beauty x Heytea collab brought together the world-famous beauty line with one of the most popular tea shops in China. Not only did this meeting appeal to a demographic of young, lifestyle-focused women, but enhanced the image of the Fenty brand by aligning with another high-quality lifestyle brand.


Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

Brave Agency is the number-one digital marketing agency in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area. We work with a varied range of clients to enhance their eCommerce marketing campaigns in terms of impressions, conversions and long-term brand goal completion. Plus, our dedicated design team offers a high-quality rebranding service, so if your beauty brand looks a little outdated, we can help reignite it for the present and the future. Contact our team today and see what your beauty company can achieve with a quality eCommerce website design agency behind it.

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