What’s New With the ChatGPT-4 Update?


It’s only been a few short months since ChatGPT exploded in popularity among content marketing professionals and the general public alike. Now, the AI chatbot has been given a major update, dubbed ChatGPT-4.

The update is only available for ChatGPT Plus users, which is the chatbot’s $20-per-month premium access subscription. If you’ve been using Bing recently, you’ve already had a try of the update, as it was revealed that the browser has been using the service for the past six weeks on an unknowing audience. The improvements to the AI are general and aren’t a specific set of features like a software update, but there are some notable general and incremental improvements. We’ll give you a lowdown on just how much it’s advanced since ChatGPT-3.5 launched in November 2022.

It should be noted beforehand that ChatGPT is a tool and not a 1-to-1 replacement for a human being. The content marketing services of Brave will still bring you benefits and expertise that you won’t be able to get with a chatbot – it would be like replacing an accountant with a calculator.


Visual Inputs

The big change in ChatGPT-4 is the ability to accept images as well as text prompts. You can use this to demonstrate your point, or for it to read and translate into digital text, which is useful for creating captions of images or creating something from a handwritten idea. In a tech demonstration, ChatGPT’s creators OpenAI showed it coding an entire website from an idea scribbled in a notebook, an incredible innovation that will get you from an idea to reality even more efficiently.


Improved Mathematical Skills

OpenAI is continually improving the various skills of ChatGPT, and the greatest advancement with the new update is its mathematical skills. To test the AI, OpenAI has run the AI through a Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) with each new iteration. The new update has improved from a score of 590/800 to 700/800, bumping it up from the 70th percentile (better than 70% of students) to the 89th percentile. That means algebra, data interpretation and general problems are largely covered.


Improved Literacy Skills

Additionally, the enhanced literary skills included in ChatGPT-4 make it far more useful for educational writing. In our experience, however, creating unique and intriguing content is still not its forte.

ChatGPT’s knowledge of law now is also incredibly impressive. The AI took the Uniform Bar Exam, a standardised test that every US lawyer takes before they are licensed to practice it. ChatGPT-4 scored higher than 90% of human takers.


Improved Cross-Language Translation

The internet is a multilingual place and ChatGPT can handle many languages in response. Its multilingual skills have improved by a considerable amount, which could be useful if you are looking to branch out to other regions and want to translate content, emails or PR newsletters into other languages, even low-resource languages such as Welsh and Swahili.


Improved Coding Skills

Finally, the advancements in its coding abilities are of note. Its Codeforces rating jumped from 260 to 392. However, it’s still below the 5th percentile, so it’s still only for use for Python coding (which it scored 67% on in another test) and basic coding. You can’t build the next Amazon from ChatGPT!


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