Why Top Ecommerce Agencies Recommend WooCommerce

Jessica Kent
eCommerce businesses need a platform that is secure, user-friendly and reliable. With WooCommerce, online stores are able to showcase and sell their products on a trusted platform without compromising on style or quality. This is why eCommerce agencies love WooCommerce.

At the Brave agency, we have been designing, building and optimising eCommerce websites for over 20 years. Trust us when we say that we have seen a lot of website trends come and go. However, there are a few things that will always be required for an eCommerce site to succeed: security, good user experience and adaptability.

The eCommerce market is almost flooded with a range of a great many hosts. For those who aren’t web development experts, it can seem a bit overwhelming when trying to pick the right option for your brand. While there are platforms such as Shopify and Magento, WooCommerce holds over 41% of all online stores across the globe, making it not only the most popular eCommerce platform in the world but the most feasible too.

It is important to consider the goals for your business when choosing your eCommerce platform. Do you want to be seen as a market leader? Do you prioritise Steady growth? Looking to cement a strong online presence? If you answered yes to any of these, then we strongly recommend migrating to WooCommerce and WordPress.


What does WooCommerce do?

Put simply, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps WordPress publishers and eCommerce brands sell their products online. Renowned for its clean and straightforward shop system, WooCommerce has been made to create a seamless experience when customers make purchases on your site. Ecommerce agencies around the world recommend using WooCommerce for its simplicity, adaptability and security.

WooCommerce provides its users with basic store functionality right out of the box. The popular eCommerce platform takes the basic WordPress operating system and transforms it into a fully functioning online store. Much like WordPress, the basic version of the WooCommerce platform is free however if you wish to use features such as appointment booking, subscription pricing, and installing a product recommendation engine then you are able to upgrade.

This WordPress plugin is so popular that, since its launch in 2011, it has been used on about 2.3 million eCommerce stores around the world. Due to its compatibility and ease of use, many WordPress users lean toward it. Integrating an eCommerce plugin into your current WordPress website allows you to sell digital and physical products, take secure payments, manage inventory, and so much more.


Advantages of WooCommerce

1. A secure platform

In a time where being vigilant online is more important than ever, ensuring your online store is secure is a top priority. A big part of customer experience and overall conversions is how much your customers trust your website. When your customers are handing over confidential information at the checkout, they will want to know their personal information is safe. WooCommerce comes with secure payment lines like Paypal and Stripe and it also allows you to add a security plugin that regularly scans your site for malware, thus adding an extra measure to bar hackers.

2. Easy analytics and tracking

As a business owner, keeping track of where your sales are coming from, what sections of your website are most frequented and what time of the day customers prefer to buy your products are important for strategising and business planning. WooCommerce has great analytic tools that are easy to use and help you draw conclusions based on your sales and efforts. When a customer makes a purchase on your site, WooCommerce keeps track of the order summary allowing you to see the total spend from the order along with where the delivery was being made to. These reports can collect data relating to sales by time of day, individual customer stats, total average order and more! Each of these is represented in simple pie charts. Being simple to use, highly customisable, and supported by the most popular CMS out there are the main benefits of WooCommerce which make it truly stand out. Whether you report on your own store or you utilise an eCommerce agency to do it for you, WooCommerce’s reporting features are incredibly useful for strategising and future planning.

3. Limitless selling

One of the reasons why WooCommerce is so popular amongst retailers around the world is that business owners can use it to sell all kinds of products, regardless of their niche. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can sell physical and virtual products, charge for services, receive donations and more. The beauty and real selling point of WooCommerce’s flexibility and customisation options is that it can fit any retail concept or business model. It also has high scalability that allows businesses of all kinds of sizes to successfully set up shop and thrive within its platform. Put simply, there are no worries about your business expanding past the plugin’s capabilities.

Experienced WordPress development agency in Cambridgeshire

As one of the most experienced eCommerce agencies in Cambridgeshire, we know to only ever provide bespoke, user-focused website design solutions. We understand how competitive the online marketplace is and more online stores are popping up everywhere. With our team of dedicated WooCommerce developers and UX designers, you are guaranteed to have the best-in-business advice and expertise.

We aim to integrate all these aspects and create a personalised eCommerce website experience for all of our clients in Cambridgeshire and around the UK. If you are looking to take your eCommerce site to the next level and reach whole new markets, have a chat with our team today.

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